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Sandy Springs Commercial AC Repair

Is your office environment too hot that your AC can no longer satisfy your cooling needs? Call Sandy Springs GA HVAC Repair. We provide installation, repair, and AC maintenance for your offices. Our NATE-certified technicians guarantee quality yet economical services. We are on call 24/7. Contact us and we’ll be there at your appointed time.


SEER or Seasonal Efficiency Energy Ratio is the measure of coolness efficiency in air conditioning units. AFUE or Average Fuel Utilization Efficiency, on the other hand, measures efficiency for gas and oil-fueled furnaces. Meanwhile, HSPF or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor measures the heating efficiency of heat pumps. The higher the number of these measurements, the more efficient your equipment are.

How important is it to have annual maintenance?

It is important for your HVAC units to undergo annual service or tune-up. It helps you save electricity and gas, plus you’ll the life of the heating and air unit. You’ll know which equipment is functioning well, and which is not. At some point, the old equipment will have to be replaced and until them you want it operating as efficiently as possible.