RoswellGeorgia State Licensing Boards demand that our Roswell Heat Pump Repair technicians undergo a lot of training before their certification to work on air conditioners. You should only trust a Air Conditioning Repair contractor like R.S. Andrews Heating and Air that is top rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Today’s Advanced Heat Pumps Save More Energy

Heat pump technology has recently seen a lot of new advancement. Many times, HVAC technicians had to spend a lot of time to solve a heat pump problems. See this classic case came to us last summer. After installation the R-410 worked perfectly for a year. As summer began, it was switched over to cooling. It operated without any problem for some days until the owner found out that the fan never shut down.

Any experienced technician that there was either a minor problem with the thermostat or that the electronics of compressor had been damaged. The owner decided to call the nearest Roswell Heat Pump Repair company because her house remained hot. Such a situation requires that the technician takes into account all the evidence and follows logical steps just like solving a murder mystery.

Our expert HVAC technician first noticed that the heat was nearly 90º in the interior. Evidently the compressor was not taking the moisture from the air. Yet, it was 70º at the inlet of the compressor and at the outlet 60º.

The key facts had to be reviewed. The blower fan did not close down when it was switched to cooing although the unit worked well during summer. Many heat pumps have an emergency back-up system for electric heating. It might be that the heat pump never functioned due to moisture within the cooling pipes or some other reason.

During winter the back up heating system could have always been used without the owner’s noticing it. All this can only be speculative at that stage for the problem could not be other than clogging of the filter or dirt in the compressor.

In fact, our Roswell Heat Pump Repair tech found that the system will clog in the R-410 coolant system if you use synthetic oil cooling or older lines. Using his training and the manual of heat pump, the technician adopted a systematic approach. Ultimately he drained the coolant and fit new piping in the compressor.

The bottom line – Your hired HVAC personal should not be only skilled and qualified but also to be enough experienced to adopt systematical and logical approach to achieve the final goal. Situations can be tricky enough!

All the Top Heat Pump Brands

Our team is knowlegable and experienced in the installation and repair of all the top brands of heat pumps, air conditioners and furnaces sold in the Roswell, GA area, including:

  • Trane
  • Carrier
  • Lennox
  • Ruud
  • Amana
  • Goodman
  • American Standard
  • Bryant and more.