Roswell Goodman Furnace Repair 770-882-2757Goodman furnaces are known as among the best gas heaters for for decades. They are offering great quality in addition to affordable prices since 1954. Goodman offers multi-position variable speed versions, down flowing multi speed models. Goodman also offers a multi-position dual saver model. Goodman also offers a high efficiency gas furnace as well as your standard efficiency furnace. They have all sorts of different varieties of residential heaters to choose from. R.S. Andrews’ Roswell Furnace Repair team can help you choose the one that will keep your structure comfortable in the winter and fit in your budget. Call 770-882-2757 today.

What are the Difference Between High Efficiency and Regular Efficiency Goodman Furnaces?

To fully realize your furnace buy, you’ll need to know about performance ratings and what they mean. The difference involving the high efficiency and your standard furnace is the AFUE ranking that is given to each. AFUE is quick for annual gas utilization efficiency. The EPA requires all furnaces sold in the U.S. to have a minimum of a 78% AFUE rating.

A Goodman high efficiency furnace comes with an AFUE rating of 95%. The standard Goodman furnace has about an 80% rating. Goodman offers a limited 10 year elements warranty and a Ten year limited unit replacement warranty for their heaters. Prices on these types of furnaces usually array around $800-$3000.

Proper Installation of a Furnace is Key to Long Life and Efficiency of the Unit

Having a natural gas furnace installed in an existing home can be a little costly, but the quality of employing one is amazing, not to mention the money you will save from using a natural gas to heat with. By hiring our BBB A+ rated furnace and air conditioner installation team, you will make sure you get somebody that is qualified for the position. Poorly installed equipment id quite common and is a serious problems with your air conditioner and even catastrophic issues, including fire. So it is very important you that you hire a Georgia state licensed professional.