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Temperatures in North Georgia can drop dramatically when winter time arrives. Additionally, Roswell mornings can be chilly before the sun has risen. Chilly weather conditions causes people to turn the heater upon in order to warm up the home or office.

However what happens if the heating unit is not working? An urgent situation call to a Roswell Provider Furnace repair professional must be made. Along with Carrier Furnace repair, professional Carrier Furnace technicians can perform preseason check-ups and maintenance to prevent crisis calls for repair.

How a Carrier Furnace Functions

Once your programmable thermostat temperatures setting has been reached, a signal is sent for the natural or lp gas-fired Carrier Furnace and it fires up, providing hot air to the home or office environment. The control board, within the Carrier furnace, applies power to the furnace’s ignition system which ignites the burners.

The computer controller confirms the flame has started up. If the presence of the flame cannot be discovered, the controller can make an additional attempt, and will then shutdown the heating system. When the furnace burners are ignited, a blower passes cool air through the heat exchanger, heating it.

Carrier Furnace Filter

The Carrier Heater filter is important because it cleans the air just before it enters the actual Carrier Furnace. Any clogged filter leads to the Carrier Furnace to burn extra fuel (fuel), raising the operating costs.

Preseason Carrier Furnace Check-up

A professional Carrier Furnace tech can ensure that the heating system is operating properly, the air-filter is neat and properly installed, channels are clear from objects in the way, registers are properly adjusted, the Carrier Furnace has no gas-leaks, which the exhaust gases are being completely eliminated from the structure.