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Furnaces are in use in just about every home in Roswell, GA today. Usually they noiselessly heat or cool our homes without us ever noticing them. But just how does a furnace work? It is simple. The building thermostat senses the temperature and activates the furnace burner. The burner will run until it matches the thermostat’s temperature.

Call a Trustworthy Roswell Furnace Repair Contractor for Preseason Tune-up and Cleaning

Next, hot gases produced by the furnace’s burner circulate inside the heat exchanger causing it to get hot. Regularly scheduled maintenance by a well trained Roswell furnace repair technician will inspect the heat exchanger for cracks.

The furnace blower pulls cool air from the living area and blows it across the heat exchanger sending now warm air back into the room. This exchange of air is facilitated by the air ducts. The combination fan and limit control turns the furnace blower on and off at the proper times.

Repair or Replace Your Roswell Gas Furnace

All of this happens without our noticing when the furnace is working well. Inevitably the furnace will develop a problem, you’ll call a Roswell furnace repair contractor and you may have to decide whether to fix or replace it. There are several things to consider when making this decision.

They include: How old is your furnace, how much will it cost to repair or replace it and what can you afford to do? The first step is to call a reputable Roswell Furnace Repair professional and have them diagnose the problem and give you cost estimates for repairing and replacing the furnace.

New Energy Efficient Furnaces for Roswell, GA

If money is not an issue the key question becomes, how old is the furnace and how expensive is the repair? It is widely recommended that you replace your furnace if it is more than ten years old. It is sometimes difficult to get the compatible parts for older furnaces. Further, furnaces older than 10 years old tend to be inefficient. You’ll have to consider:

  • AFUE Rating
  • Variable Speed or Two Speed Blower
  • Add a Humidifier
  • Add a HEPA Filtration System
  • Qualify for Energy Savings Tax Credit
  • Utility Company Rebates