Roswell GAA central air-conditioning system works to provide you and your family a comfortably heated or cooled home anytime of the year. During hot and humid days, the system captures the heat inside the home and transfers it outside, at the same time pumping cooled air inside, keeping the air inside cool and comfortable. During winter, when you need indoor heating, the furnace will produce hot air that will be pumped into the house using the same channels or air ducts used by the cooled air.

Main Parts and Functions of a Central Air-Conditioning System

Most central air-conditioning systems have two main parts. The “split-system” operation also effectively separates the hot side that is installed outside the house and the cold side installed inside. Below are five of the major parts of a central A/C system and its main functions:

AC Compressor – This is considered as the central part of the system. The compressor pumps refrigerants into the system that cools the air by removing heat and moisture. It contains the condenser that serves as the filter that screens the air and takes the refrigerants from the main compressor, removes the heat and turns the chemical refrigerant into liquid. This is installed outside the house.

Evaporator Coil – Also known as the A coil, it receives the compressed refrigerant (R-410a in new heat pumps and air conditioners, R-22 in old models) from the outside condenser and passes interior air over the fins where it is cooled and through coils. The evaporator retains the heat from the air. The heated refrigerant is pumped outside to the condenser, when it is compressed, releasing the heat into the outdoor air. The A coil is installed inside the house.

Thermostat – This is the controlling part of the system. It is attached to the compressor and dictates the temperature setting. The device is where users set the temperature and is normally installed inside the house where it can be easily accessed.

Advantages of Central Air-Conditioning System

  1. Temperature Control – It affords homeowners to enjoy comfortable air temperature regardless of the weather outside the house. This is especially important when you have small children or elderly in the house.
  2. No Humming Sound – With the central A/C, you can forego of the annoying humming sound you get from window A/C units.
  3. Cleaner Air – The air coming from outside passes through several filters that removes minute particles like dusts, lint and even airborne microbes.